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Our Bank Genie Pro 4 and Bank Genie 4 products have not yet been reviewed as yet.
Meanwhile, read what actual users have to say in our User Comments section.

The software is bristling with practical features. Click here for more info

The original Bank Genie was reviewed by Computer Shopper  Magazine and appeared in the Feb 06 issue.

Bank Genie was the cheapest product reviewed, yet was awarded a commendable 3 stars.

The original Bank Genie has been continually updated and upgraded since that time.
Bank Genie 3 proved to be very popular. It is now replaced by Bank Genie 4.

Bank Genie Pro 4 and Bank Genie 4 is the result of 3 years intensive development and is offered as an alternative to those seeking Money Management software to a higher specification.

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Summary and comparison of features

Product Description: Bank Genie Pro

Product description: Bank Genie 4

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