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Software for Investments. Portfolio management software
Bank Genie Pro 6 - Personal Finance Software and more...

NEW (Feb 18):
After 4 years of intensive research and development we are pleased to announce the release of Bank Genie Pro 6.
Many new features including an easy to use Investments management program.


Suitable for use with Dollars (US, Canadian, Australian etc), Euro, GBP etc
(Any curency with 2 decimal points)

What you can do with Bank Genie Pro 6:

  • All the things you can do with the previous version of Bank Genie Pro.
    See : Summary of standard features of Bank Genie
  • Manage your Investment account(s) and Investment transactions on your home computer or laptop.
  • When importing your data from MS Money or Quicken, you can now import your Investments and Investment Accounts data.
  • email and telephone support freely available. Skype if outside UK.
    (when placing your order, please enter a landline phone number to avail of telephone support)
  • Manage multiple Investment accounts
  • Track and Analyse the performance of your Investments with ease
    We spent a lot of time on development and rank this as one of the main benefits of this new program
  • Price updating features.
  • Capital Gains calculations

Our first Bank Genie Pro 6 User Comments on the new Investments program:
I like the program very much. The fact that I can access all my financial accounts in one place rather than relying on a combination of different software programs is the icing on the cake for me.
Mike from Dorset, England


Option 1  Buy Bank Genie Pro 6 as a Download

Bank Genie Pro 6 - Software for Personal Finances - with new Investments program
Download Link plus Licence. CD not supplied

(Add on Option 3 if you prefer to install from a CD)


  • Make your on-line payment (below)
  • Immediately, get a link to the Download page
     (included in a sales confirmation email)
  • Download and be working with Bank Genie Pro 6 within minutes
  • Shortly afterwards, your licence is delivered in a second email
  • if you’d like a CD to follow in the post for backup, please add Option 3 below to your basket


Special Introductory offer!! (Ends 28th Feb 2018)
32.00 GBP
(Approximate conversions to US dollars and Euro will be shown when you Add to Basket)




Option 2
Extra Licence for Bank Genie Pro 6 - Personal Finance Software
CD not supplied (if CD preferred for installation, Add on Option 3 below)
You must buy (or have bought previously) a licence for Bank Genie Pro 6 using Option 1 to avail of this offer.
This allows you to take full advantage of Bank Genie features for making your data portable.

Special Introductory offer!! (Ends 28th Feb 2018)
6.00 GBP
(Approximate conversion to US dollars and Euro will be shown when you Add to Basket)




Option 3
Ive bought a download. Now I’d like a CD

Use this option if you have already paid for a Licence using Option 1 or Option 2 and wish to have a CD delivered
Same day despatch if ordered before 4 pm (Mon to Fri)

(Approximate conversions to US dollars and Euro will be shown when you Add to Basket)




This software is developed to run on any  PC with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP operating system.
You’ll need approximately 39 mb for the installation. The system will grow as you add your own data.


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