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About us

The business was launched in 2001.

Contact: George Kelly
Address:, 45 Barban Hill, Dromore, Co Down, BT25 1PR, Northern Ireland
email   :
Mobile: 07488 581 314 (speak directly to the software developer)

About our software products
Our range of off the shelf products include Money management Software and software for gardeners.
We also specialise in Management Information Systems, software development and consultancy.

Links to our websites:
Our full Product range

Ideas Genie - Software for Plants and Gardens
This software is for the very keen amateur gardeners, head gardeners and plantaholics

Flower Genie - Software for Amateur Gardeners
This software is for those who need something simple to keep track of their garden plants and photos.

Our flagship website:-
Ideas for Gardens - a focal point point for Plant Lovers.

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Please email if you have any questions.

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