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Pro Version

Money Management Software
for personal use. Also suitable for small business accounts.

Product Description
Bank Genie Pro 6 - Software for Bank Account Management
(With the option to buy WITH or WITHOUT Investments program)

Product Description
Bank Account Management Software.
Money management software
Works with Windows 11, Windows 10 and older versions.
Works with Dual Monitors

  • Software to allow you to enter, organise, view and analyse your income and expenditure
    Keep one step ahead of your online bank.
  • A replacement for Money Management Software no longer supported in certain countries.

    Just to let you know I am doing well with Bank Genie Pro and it is a good substitute for Microsoft Money. Thanks for your help with the setup.
    Mr Ian V. from West Yorkshire, UK
  • Designed to a high specification.
    The emphasis is on flexible data extraction and reporting, with exporting options.
  • Import data from any other Personal Finance Software which can export files in QIF format.
  • Install on your PC or laptop
  • Data is stored on your own computer (not in the Cloud).
  • Data can also be stored, transported and accessed on a removable/portable device
  • Works seamlessly with Cloud technology (e.g. Dropbox)
  • Simple software for personal finances management:
    Simply switch off the unwanted features in Preferences
  • Feature rich software for categorising, grouping and tagging data for analysis and reporting:
    Selectively switch on advanced features in preferences.
    Produce figures for Net Worth, Profit & Loss reports, Annual financial reports etc.
  • Track and analyse Investments. Accounts, Securities, Transactions etc.
  • Security - Keep it simple
    Security is OFF by default. Password is not required - any user can access any database.
  • Security - Advanced
    Set up security names (no limit). Main user (administrator) can grant or deny permissions to those who use each database or individual Bank Accounts within a database.
    A simple example of a security application would be “his and hers” with security login. Bank Accounts within a database can have owners. The owner can grant full permissions to other names, or restricted access e.g. read only, allow transfers etc.

Suitable for:
Home/personal use
Small Business use. (Ideal for the Internet Trader)
Charity Accounts
Church Accounts
Sports Club Accounts
Treasurers (e.g. of sports organisations)

Set up your Personal or Business:

  • Bank Accounts -1 or many (Current accounts in UK, Checking accounts in North America)
  • Credit Card Accounts (1 or many)
  • Supplier Accounts (If used for Business)
  • Direct Debit Payments
  • Standing Order Payments
    Regular Payments (e.g. Salary, Bills etc)
    Frequency options: Annually, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, 3, 4 or 6 monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Every 4 weeks
    Fixed Number of Payments (e.g. a loan repayment) or Never ending
  • Expense and Income Categories. Sub-Categories are optional.
  • Groupings of Accounts (e.g. Personal Bank Accounts, Business Bank Accounts)
  • Groupings of Categories (e.g. Personal Transaction Categories, Business expenditure categories)
  • Tags - organise your data into projects - an independent analytical level, supplemental to categories.
  • Investments (Optional) - Investment Account(s), Securities, Investment Transactions - Read More

Manual Entry of:

  • Cheques
  • ATM transactions
  • Credit Card Transactions.
  • Supplier Invoices (If used for Business)

Automatically Import

  • Statements downloaded from your Bank or Credit Card provider.
  • Can import from downloaded QIF files
    Can deal with any chosen date format, e.g. UK, US etc
  • Can import from downloaded OFX files
    This file format is identical for all date format, e.g. UK, US etc
  • Can import from downloaded CSV files
  • Can import from downloaded Paypal statement files

You can:

  • Simulate Bank Statements
  • Transfer Payments between Accounts, with cross-references
  • Reconcile Statements
  • See a running balance, including un-reconciled transactions
  • Forecast using protracted balances
  • Split any one transaction into two or more Sub-Amounts/Spending Categories
    e.g. you can spilt a transaction into Net and VAT. Good for VAT returns.
  • Enter Cheque Number, Amount, Cheque date, Bank Date, Paid To, Spent on, Category
    Free text memo field for each transaction element.
  • Link debit transactions to Supplier Invoices (If used for Small Business use)
  • Link credit transactions to Sales Invoices (If used for Small Business use)
  • Analyse your transactions by Category, Sub Category and Tags (Query Income and Expenditure)
  • Generate Reports from your transactions
  • Generate reports for Accounting/Business Tax Returns (If used for Small Business use)
  • Generate P&L reports.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Generate a report showing your Net Worth - summarising all (or selected) accounts up to any date
    The Net Worth program can deal with Multi Currency Bank and Credit Card Accounts. Bank Genie connects to an on-line Currency conversion service to enable current exchange rates to be used in the Net Worth calculations.
  • Manage your Investment Transactions - Read More

    Be firmly in control of your finances!

Buy the PRO Version (as Described on this page) Bank Genie Pro 6 WITH Investments program
£34.99 as a Download, £38.99 on CD


Bank Genie Pro 6 WITHOUT Investments program
£29.99 as a Download, £33.99 on CD


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Product Description: Bank Genie Pro 6

Product description: Bank Genie 6

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