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Bank Genie
Software for Bank Account Management

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Probably the best Financial Software for your requirements

Bank Genie is suitable for Personal Bank Accounts and for small Business Accounts


1) Bank Genie PRO 6 (with the Investments Program)

Use the fully functional system for a  six month period, fully licenced.
Download link plus an option to follow up with a CD

This special licence removes ALL restrictions normally associated with an evaluation

About this option:

  • Use Bank Genie Pro 6, fully licenced for a six month period
  • Full email and telephone support
    To avail of this, please enter a landline phone number when checking out.
  • Import your data from other Money software
    Success is guaranteed. If you cant manage the import, we will help you by phone.
    Full User Guide instructions with screenshots.
    Telephone support.
  • Download link supplied immediately in your Order Confirmation email
    You can set up manually or import other software data right away.
  • 6 months licence follows shortly in a second email  - when we process your order.
  • This option costs 5.00
    The 5.00 is fully refundable if you decide to purchase a FULL licence after evaluation.

    Bank Genie Pro - Software for Bank Account Management- Six Month Licence

    I would ALSO like a CD - at 4.00 GBP
    Post and packing is included (any country).
    This ADDITIONAL item allows you to install the software from a CD.
    Good if you have a slow internet connection or for backup.


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Product description: Bank Genie 6

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