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(So many, we’ve spilt the ones we’ve selected into sections)

Bank Genie Pro used to replace Quicken
Bank Genie Pro has become quite instinctive now and I am doing all the things I want to do without even thinking about it. It does all I want of it and I won't go back to Quicken now. Well done! I dare say there may be further questions but none come to mind at the moment.
Eric Hardy from High Wycombe, County Buckinghamshire, England
(The first to go live with Bank Genie Pro)

Up and running now with all my Quicken data from 1993 in place!!
Mike Corry, Co Durham, UK

Our software has been tested with imports of very large data dating back to early 1990’s.
Bank Genie can handle millions of records with ease and lightning speed access using the Transaction Analyser program (a highly flexible Query program). 

Yes, all installed and data imported thanks - from an old version of Quicken (3.0). I'm finding the software reasonably easy to use although the top-level menus are  different to Quicken, which took me straight into the register - but I'll soon get used to it.
Terry Bright from Verwood, England
An option to take the user to the Bank Genie equivalent of the Quicken Register has now been provided.
An option is also provided to allow the user to run Standing Orders/Regular Payments on startup.
Options can be turned on/off in Preferences.

Thanks - the new CD (Bank Genie Pro) has arrived. I'm getting on well with it.  As you may remember I had Quicken before and had been using that for years so anything new would have been a challenge!  However - thankfully - your software has been quite easy to 'learn'
That was a quick one (pardon the pun), I thought, so I replied to ask “Did you import your Quicken data?”
The reply:

Regarding Quicken - yes I did import the data as this was something that I felt was essential for me - I wanted to retain the history that had built up over the years. I had fun doing it though as the Quicken data was on my old computer - just an extra thing to think about along with learning your software..... I enjoy a challenge though!!
Ann Blake from Worcester, England
(I was very impressed! So much achieved, and not one request was made for support. We welcome your requests for help, no matter how trivial - its important to us to get each user up and running with Bank Genie Pro)

Bank Genie Pro used to replace MS Money
Just to say all is well and we had no problem getting QIF files into Bank Genie.  After a short tussle, they all went in and the program accepted all the info, including the categories, perfectly.
Jean Jones from Middlesex, England
(The QIF files referred to here were exported from MS Money)

I have transferred all across from MS Money hassle free and am thrilled with the programme.
Dr P. Gueret from Dublin, Ireland

Bank Genie works in other countries
Thank you for a great program (Bank Genie Pro 4)!
Tom, Colorado, USA

I’ve set everything up and transferred files and accounts over from Money and so far, all appears straightforward.
It’s a great piece of software and being overseas with various different currency bank accounts, it’s very simple for me to follow transactions and balances etc.
Mark, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am very impressed with Bank Genie indeed and very pleased with it. In fact I think it is a brilliant, very economical program especially for personal account users. As a  very proficient MYOB business user, it has given me everything I required for my own account records.
Colin Harrison, New South Wales, Australia

I am coming to grips with most of the features of BG. So far I am impressed
John Steel from Queensland, Australia

Thank you for providing what looks to be an excellent program.
David Geddes from Victoria, the Capital City of British Columbia, Canada

I wont be stopping Bank Genie that's for sure. It has me sitting up until the small hours of the morning like right now. I love it now. getting used to it and it is a good replacement for Microsoft money which I used for years, so hope I get many years out of this Bank Genie of yours. Have told many people about it. LOVE IT
S Palliser from Taranaki, New Zealand

Bank Genie works on the Cloud
You can (optionally) store your data on the Cloud and access from any computer which has Bank Genie installed.
e.g. Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive

I love Bank Genie - it's a joy to use. I use Microsoft OneDrive which seems to be reliable.
David Coleman from Cheshire, England

Comments from customers using the software on a Surface Pro Tablet
I have downloaded the software and even managed to restore all my data and accounts, which are all present and working correctly.  I did have to go to your online help screens to tell me how to restore to a completely new computer and I am amazed how easy and quick it was.
I was afraid I would not be able to use Genie on my new Surface Pro 3, so I am delighted to be up and running.  I can now clear my old computer and give it back without any worries.
The Bank Genie software is excellent and easy to use, it was one of my best buys in years. 
Thank you for your help and efficiency today.
Kind regards Linda (from East Sussex, England)

Exporting data from Quicken and importing it to Bank Genie Pro

Pleased to confirm that all accounts reconciled and up to date. Much easier migration from Quicken than I expected and thanks again for all your help. The more I see of the software the more I like it and if I can be of any help with tips and suggestions I’ll be happy to, either by the forum or directly to you.
David Webber from Hertfordshire, England

Note: When importing, Bank Genie Pro identifies any Category names in Quicken data which can cause import problems.
This is a rare occurrence and only happens when your Category names in Quicken contain conflicting characters.
Heres a report from a customer.
I have at last sorted out most of the programs including downloading from Quicken which proved a challenge.  The sticking block was ‘Categories.’  I went back to Quicken and changed the Categories and found that the download worked. 
The help was excellent and sorted out the few areas that I had trouble with.
The price of the package considering its functionality is excellent value for money even taking the second licence. 
Thanks for your help
Helen Chapman from Leeds, England

Comments from a user who had to import a VERY large amount of data.
Note: The Bank Genie import program has a unique feature.
You can merge large datasets into one Bank Genie database.
As a result you can have all your historic and current data amalgamated and available for analysis.
One of my main reasons for choosing Bank Genie was that Quicken can’t cope with big files.
I had 2 sets of files, one from 01/01/2000 to 31/12/2009 and the other from 01/01/2010 to present date.
I’ve now achieved my aim of getting all my accounts from 2000 to the present day in Bank Genie.
Now I just have to start using the package. Obviously, after using Quicken for so long it may take me a while, but so far Bank Genie is showing several advantages.
David Ashwell from Devon, England

Managing the finances of a small business using Bank Genie Pro
My husband runs his own business, a small independent motor vehicle repair workshop, and I support him by keeping all the finance and administration in order.  I find Bank Genie an invaluable product for managing the business bank account.  It is detailed enough for us to monitor income and expenditure but not cumbersome to use with unnecessary steps that don't apply to a small business.  I can simply use it to suit our own purposes and it does a great job.  As you know, I've been using Bank Genie for a few years now and have always found it easy to use.  And on the few occasions I've needed support, it has always been available.  Great product!
Stephenie Burrows - Southampton , England

Comments from users who have upgraded to Bank Genie Pro 6
I have been a user of Bank Genie for the last 12 to 13 years and found the software invaluable. It has tracked mine and my wife’s finances accurately giving us peace of mind that bills, standing orders and income were all covered each month from several accounts.
Earlier this year the laptop running windows XP developed intermittent faults with the display and therefore I had to look for a replacement.
I contacted George at Bank Genie to find out what computer would be compatible and what was the best option as far as a new version of Bank Genie.
I was told any new computer running Windows 10/11 would be suitable and it was suggested Bank Genie 6 would be advisable.
Having now purchased both new items I am learning about the new version of Bank Genie. Essentially the software has the same basics which are familiar but it has been developed in many ways making it faster to enter transactions and gives much more ability to add longer descriptions alongside any input. At present I have only cracked the surface of the new features and look forward to learning more as it is used. Saying that directly I had transferred my old data files to the new computer Bank Genie picked up the files and worked immediately which was refreshing as those data files were holding 12/13 year of information.
I am very satisfied with the new version and the attention George personally gave during the installation and transfer of data.
Any body wanting to upgrade Bank Genie or purchase a product that will manage their finances, I would definitely recommend this product.
Will Chesterfield

I love the upgrade. I am most impressed with the elegance and simplicity of the program generally.
J Hadley from Oxfordshire, England

Many thanks for your help today in setting up my upgrade to BG Pro 6. I have added my investments and using the manual update of prices thereof and all is running smoothly.
P Phillips from Bristol, England

I find the programme very good and suits all of my needs. All up and running with Pro 6.
Backup and restore quite simple to use.
R Philpotts from Tonbridge, England

What a fabulous Software Program the Genie Pro 6 is.
I was well impressed with Pro4 but this is just bells and whistles above that.
The importing data from the old version was an absolute breeze, as too was the new improved method to obtain updates. Brilliant!!
A Pickering from Derbyshire, England

Many thanks for the excellent and very speedy service. I now have version 6 up and running.
Philip Ross from Winchester, England

I find the programme very good and suits all of my needs. All up and running with Pro 6.
Backup and restore quite simple to use.
R Marshall from Lancashire, England

Comments from the first customers to use Bank Genie Pro on Windows 8
Install went just fine and the app seems to be stable in the VM.
Mike, New Zealand

Since I was needing to reload the OS anyway I opted to upgrade to Windows 8 and it might be helpful to you to know that the programme works fine in that OS.
Geoffrey Applegarth from Northumberland, England

Note: Bank Genie is now working on numerous sites on Windows 8 and on Windows 10.

Extracts from very encouraging emails:
The programme is very good and solid and you have obviously put a lot of thought and work into it. It shows and increasingly so as familiarity with the features grows. It is different from other programmes that I have tried in many respects but those differences are strengths that set it apart.
Most User Guide's are truly awful . Yours is accessible, logical and helpful to beginner or otherwise and I hope you don't ever change it's style. I browsed it when starting out and got enough from it then to get me going. Subsequently I keep going back to find specific information. The way it is theme linked to the programme itself is especially useful and makes it very easy to get to to right bits. Well done!
Geoffrey Applegarth from Northumberland, England

I must admit I find it the easiest accounts programme I have had – especially in reconciliation.
Judith from Norfolk, England

Some users like to export and manipulate their data
Just to let you know software worked beautifully. Did the whole accounts from opening the online bank and downloading the QIF file to categorising payments and exporting the text file and modifying that layout in 21 minutes flat.
Edmund from Portsmouth, England

From a customer whose Licence was upset after changing his operating system from Windows Vista 32 bit to Windows 7 64 bit and carrying out a clean install.
Your product is well thought out and covers most things and receiving a response from you regarding my licence issue, on a Sunday, was unexpected and amazing
John Ludolf from Hants, England

Comments from a Bank Genie 4 user
I'm liking the Genie 4 already and I am still discovering new functions. I particularly like the way the program seems to know what you want to do next, it is well thought out which is a pleasure to use.
Howard Warehand from Hertfordshire, England

Comments from a Bank Genie 4 user who recreated his historic data using bank downloads

In a couple of hours I have pretty well all my Cats defined; downloaded 15 months of QIFs, edited 6 months transactions accordingly, noted that after categorising the first quarter transactions, the subsequent import of next quarter resulted in most of the new transactions being categorised automatically  - an improvement on my last program.
5 separate accounts set up and transfers now operational. I'd say everything has gone sort of swimmingly.
Keep up the good work.
Anthony Bull from London, England

Comments from a satisfied Bank Genie 4 user
Many thanks for the fantastically quick response. I've been using Genie for a time now, wouldn't be without it!
I will personally recommend to anyone I come across who is thinking of installing a programme of this kind.
Derick Jordan from South Yorkshire, England

I thought I better let you know I always believed Bank Genie Pro was very good.
I now have realised how good it really is.
Do you remember I lost all my bank records by my silly mistake. Well - bank genie came to the rescue . All I had to do was log on to my bank and download the statements. I was then able to transfer them all into my Bank Genie records
Roy Ager, N, Ireland

Comments about our Customer Service and Support
I must congratulate you on your customer service with reference to your product bank Genie. Most companies would be well advised to use your example on prompt and effective response to requests for assistance, plus the excellent advise you provide when requested.
Having been retired for many years, I had thought excellent customer service was a thing of the past. Customer service was the main thing I prided myself and my staff on, along with sound product knowledge.
I have to say you have customer service well and truly cracked and obviously your product knowledge is first class.
Best regards, George Chapman

Thanks again for your help. Your service is fantastic.
Robert Hobbs, Lancs, England

Just to let you know that I'm very much enjoying inputting all my data into Bank Genie.  It's great and very easy to use.  Thank you for creating it for all of us Quicken refugees!  And thank you so much again for the virtual hand holding while I was installing it.  It was so reassuring to have you there on the phone.
Annabel Sutton from Wilts, England

Could I also add, that It is a refreshing change to do business with a company who treats its customers as people and goes that extra mile to make the experience feel very personal.
Alan Pickering from Derbyshire, England

Software has arrived. Great service. I have installed Bank Genie and entered my data. I found the process very easy and I am looking forward to using it .
Many thanks, Sheila Brown from Kent, England

Many thanks for your help. Great programme.
Paul Woodward from Kent, England

Good to talk to you Tuesday 12th. Once again many thanks for your clear and helpful advices with my  "problems".
I really appreciate the fact that I am able to speak to a person and  guiding hand  through the processes.
Once again many thanks for your assistance and the programme which I find to be of amazing benefit.
Tom McEldowney, N Ireland

An extract from a hand written letter
I wanted to write and thank you for having such patience in dealing with this “old codger” when he runs into trouble with his computer, when the problem is not with the programme, but with the operator.
Over the years, since you led me through the installation, and transfer of Quicken data into the Bank Genie Pro system, you have been brilliant in making sure that I was kept right. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your help.
Bruce Lyons, England

As usual terrific response and very helpful. Thanks.
Marilyn, East Sussex, England

Comments about the font size choices in Bank Genie
The ability to change font size and font type is available in Preferences.
This feature was designed for those who are short sighted or are Visually impaired.

1st email:
My Bank Genie has arrived and is up and running!   I am absolutely delighted with what you have produced, the only request I would make is - is there anyway I can increase the font size?   I am 80 years old and my eyesight is not as good as it was.
You have made a very good product and I found no problem setting up and running.  
I have been using Microsoft Money for about 30 years and your product equals theirs. 

2nd email: Forget my last e mail I have already found where I can increase the font size - what a package!! 
Well Done. Shirley Davies from Shropshire, England
My comments: Its nice to know that the attempts to make the software intuitive are paying off.
Its encouraging when users can find and apply the many additional features available in Bank Genie by simply exploring the options available in Bank Genie Preferences.

The following User Comments are related to the original Bank Genie.

I have been using Bank Genie for well over a year now and I have to say it's probably the best piece of software that I've ever bought!!!
Tanya - Sittingbourne, England


Bank Genie was upgraded in July 07 to comply with Windows Vista.
Heres the comments from the first Vista user.

I am running the new Windows Vista and haven't had any difficulties so far.
It is nice to know you are there just in case.
Many thanks

Marie from Cheshire, England


Looking for a replacement for Quicken?

I was using Quicken in the past until I got my new PC and could not load it.
I have got MS Money but cannot get my head around it and that is why I have transferred to Bank Genie which will do the job as I am only looking after my finances and not the Bank of England's  :)
I found it (the Bank Genie website) by doing a search on Google and looks good.

Allan from Tyne and Wear, England


By the way it is a (really!) good programme and looks the way a personal finance programme should look.  Am going to purchase a secondary licence for the laptop
Manfred from Glasgow in Scotland


I imagine that a number of your users previously used Quicken. I had been using it for 10 years when about 10 days ago my computer crashed. I had all the files backed up and reloaded all my programmes from scratch. You can imagine my frustration when Quicken absolutely refused to reload in spite of it having worked with my XP before. I went to the Quicken website and found with horror that they have stopped supporting the UK. I have now lost 10 years records and will now apply myself to learning your system.

I spent a lot of time yesterday coming to grips with Bank Genie. I have entered all my financial details from 01/01/09, set up all my standing orders and regular payments, done some reconciling, split entries and so on. I just wanted you to know that I am delighted with the programme and now feel very comfortable using it. The icing on the cake is I feel that I have a new friend at hand to answer my queries when they arise. Thank you very much indeed.
Eric from High Wycombe, County Buckinghamshire

Incidentally, his Quicken data was recoverable and can be imported as a QIF file to our new Bank Genie Pro Edition.

Eric registered as a member of our exclusive User Forum and had us in stitches with this posting


Bank Genie does things differently from Quicken. When reconciling a statement, you see a list of all your transactions. The software allows you to Exclude transactions which do not appear on the statement, so you end up with a clean list of transactions which exactly match those on the statement. Heres the comments from a customer who moved from Quicken to Bank Genie on Windows Vista.

I have been practicing and practicing using the exclude and include buttons and now feel very confident, and I have to say that I do prefer your way of working.
Jeannette from Rotherham, South Yorkshire


This comment was added as a thread in our exclusive User Forum (You get a link to this after you become a customer)

Packages are only good when they do what you want.  This is superb as it does more or less exactly what I want it to do and I managed to get going with it very easily.  I now have all my account information in one place and can easily update records, marry the data against my bank records and see what my total expenditure is each month.

You can process standing orders easily and add data from downloads from your bank. If your bank is not registered in the system - no problem - provide George with a sample download and it will be set up.

I managed to navigate around it without using the help available, but I am computer literate and I tend to dive in and try things rather than read manuals - but I did get a little help with a few pointers from George - but essentially, it is easy to use.

I did find a few things which could be improved in the layout of the fields in some of the screens - and much to George's annoyance, one bug - but to George's credit, everything was fixed very promptly.

Reports can be produced summarizing types of expenditure over specified periods. What I do miss is consolidation subtotals for expenditure types but I am hoping George is going to come through on that one.

Well done, George, I like it - and thanks for all the support.

Ian McB - Cheshire, England


Just wanted to write back and say - I'm impressed!!!
Impressed with both your speedy reply and the clear and consice way you explained it. 
I've just given it a quick try and yes, I can get it to work.  It's just what I needed - perhaps I might be able to see where I am squandering my money now and start to save a little!

Alison - Haverfordwest, Wales


The program is great. 
Although I do online banking I always like to keep  an eye on my accounts myself - just in case - so this program is perfect.

Thanks again

Mandy - Sleaford, England


The facility to download and “Try before you Buy” was set up at the beginning of June 05.
The first customer to place an order after downloading and evaluating was Richard W. from Norwich England. Heres Richard’s comments:

”I think that Bank Genie is what I am after. I used “Product X” when I was on Windows 98 but since upgrading to Windows XP it will not function and they sold out to another company so I could not find an XP Version. Since then I have staggered along using “Product Y” but finally got fed up a few days back, hence my search which found Bank Genie”.

Richard W. from Norwich, England



Many thanks for the offer of telephone support, I have managed to find my way around the software up to now so have no questions.

Andy, Hampshire, England


Bank Genie was upgraded to Version 3 to be Vista compliant. Its nice when customers upgrade.

Just like to say, I am very pleased with Bank Genie 3. Your switching process and resetting of the data folder separate from the program is spot on.  Just what I wanted. You have obviously worked hard on this area.

And you seemed to have improved the way Cheque nos are created.  I was always having to delete them so they could be recreated after a store and duplicate.  Now it lets me put the date in and then generates the cheque no. I am not sure if you have done anything in this area, but the program is working a treat for me at the moment.

And sorry to say, no bugs, problems or suggestions for you at the moment - just praise!!

Ian from Cheshire, England

Incidentally, most new customers prefer to buy the software on CD. If you decide to go the download route, be SURE to read the instructions. Its a fairly large file, and may prove excessive if you dont have broadband.

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